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Project Soul!

Hey y’all How’s it hangin’ Nice weather huh? Hello, and welcome to Project Soul's first blog post. First, but definitely not last. Hosted by none other than Ados Designs! ‘For when second best isn’t good enough.’…okay so that’s not the slogan, but it could be. Soul Saga is a MMORPG in the making, based on the Christian religion, and some heavy Science-Fiction as well. Currently it’s in the Alpha -10.0.4 version. This is to say that a lot of designing still has to be done before a playable version is even attempted. But give us enough time and we’ll be able to make the greatest game on the net.

We are dedicated to not just making another dungeon crawler like the 50,371 that are already out there. That’s not to say there won’t be any dungeon crawling, it’s just not going to be even close to all that we’ll have for you. Player created and controlled cities, designable weapons and armor, a fun and unique pet system, hidden secrets and dungeons all over the multiple worlds! And much more, such as gigantic Titans, a fully customizable skill system, amazing achievements, and special stances which give you extra skills to use in battle! That’s only a fraction of all the amazing things you’ll find in Yahweh Yira. There’s still much to be done though, so any suggestions, and maybe even assistance, that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. So for now, live long and prosper and may the force be with you.

Michael Miske
Coding Intern
Ados Designs

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